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Tesla D Unveiled

After recently promising to “unveil the D,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk didn’t keep car-lovers waiting; late on Thursday night, he revealed the new d…→ Continue Reading

This Fork Can Make Your Vegetables Taste Like Bacon

People have been trying for years to come up with new recipes to make unpopular foods taste good, with varying …

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New Device May Catch Texting Drivers

Virginia-based ComSonics is developing a new radar gun to help police nab misbehaving drivers. The catch? This isn’t a speed …

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Xeros Washing Machine Uses Beads Instead Of Water

High-efficiency washing machines may soon have new competition: the Xeros. This, however, is no ordinary high-efficiency machine; it uses tiny …

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See The Inside Of A 747 Carrying A Shipment Of 195,000 iPhone 6 Units

The iPhone 6 may officially go on sale Friday, but eager Apple fans will be lining up in anticipation of …

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Apple Unveils The iPhone 6, Here’s A Breakdown Of The Best New Features

What could be better for Apple fans than the much-anticipated announcement of a next-generation iPhone? How about two new models? …

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Amazon Acquires Twitch For $970 Million In Cash

Web-based retailer Amazon announced on Aug. 25 that it will be acquiring Twitch, a website where users can watch other …

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Teen In China Dies While Asleep After Reportedly Being Electrocuted By Charging iPhone

A teen girl in China, whose identity is yet to be released, was found dead in her home with burn …

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iPhone 6 ‘Light Up Apple Logo’ Is The Last Thing We Need

The Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 6 is going to glow in the dark. No, seriously. The …

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