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Domino’s Pizza Eaters In Australia Provide Some Global Perspective (Video)

Putting all the people who bitch about late delivery guys in their place, this video entitled “Domino’s Pizza Complaints” superimposes …

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Shocking PSA Filmed Using Google Glass Will Open Your Eyes About Domestic Violence (Video)

At this point you’re probably familiar with Google’s new wearable technology, Google Glass. The futuristic specs allow you to search …

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Legal Pot To Bring Big Tax Revenues For Washington And Colorado

Money may not grow on trees, but the recent legalization of recreational marijuana use in Colorado and Washington has shown …

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These 13 Honest Flags Show Us What Some Of The World’s Biggest Countries Are All About (Photos)

Like a corporate logo, flags are a symbol that make countries internationally recognizable. Along the same lines as corporate doubletalk, …

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As The Olympics Begin, Visitors Should Expect No Online Privacy, Even In Hotel Rooms

Visitors for the Sochi Olympics now have one more issue to worry about: online security. But it may not be …

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10 Facts Americans Don’t Know About American Politics, History And Basic Knowledge

Think you know America? Here are some basic facts that many Americans don’t know. Give yourself a pat on the …

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Human Rights Watch Calls For Overhaul Of Homophobic Views In Russia Ahead Of The Olympics, Releases Video Of Gay Men Beaten On Camera

Just two days before the Sochi Olympics are set to start, concerns over Russian homophobia and hate crimes continue to …

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McDonald’s Worker Allegedly Sold Heroin In Happy Meal Boxes

A Pittsburgh McDonald’s employee was allegedly caught selling heroin while on the job to people using the code phrase, “I’d …

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