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World’s Richest 85 People Worth As Much As Poorest 3.5 Billion

Wealth inequality is a big and growing problem worldwide. Now the latest data from Oxfam shows us just how much …

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Ghanaian Tribe Celebrates Death By Being Buried In Very Unusual Coffins

The Ga tribe in Ghana has a different outlook on death. Rather than mourning an individual’s passing, they celebrate that …

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Obama Says Pot Is No More Dangerous Than Alcohol

President Obama believes marijuana is no less dangerous than alcohol, but that it should still be avoided by children, he …

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Texting And Driving Crash Caught On Camera (Video)

This man reminds us to put our phones down when we get into the driver’s seat. The Fort Myers, Fla. man crashed …

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Obama To Call For An Overhaul Of NSA Phone Surveillance

President Obama is set to announce that the National Security Agency’s access to private phone records will be severely restricted. …

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New Hampshire One Step Closer To Legalizing Marijuana

New Hampshire’s House voted Wednesday to legalize recreational marijuana. While it’s a big step toward legalization, experts say it’s still …

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Blue Meth Inspired By ‘Breaking Bad’ Hits New Mexico Streets

Life imitates art on the streets of New Mexico, where dealers are now pushing blue meth, according to local network …

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Gov. Chris Christie’s Bridge Scandal Hits The Front Pages Today

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is under heavy fire after being linked to a political revenge plot. He’s facing allegations …

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