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20 Signs That Current Events Are Driving You Insane

Current events are more accessible than ever, breaking news breaks within minutes of its occurrence and a lot of the …

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11 Common Things People Think About Millenials And Why They’re Wrong

Millennials have such a terrible reputation that it makes me cringe to even hear the word “Millennial,” because it’s almost …

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15 Ways Technology Is Making Us Less Human

Like Frankenstein’s monster rising from his laboratory table and wreaking havoc on the citizens of Switzerland, people of the digital …

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14 Signs You Need A Short Break From Instagram

For the most part, Instagram is an easy way to share pictures with your friends and look cool while doing …

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20 Ways We All Awkwardly Email Co-Workers

Sending emails is like a subtle mating ritual; if just one word is wrong, the whole thing will collapse into …

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