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The 20 Things That Non-Morning People Think Every Morning

Morning people are able to jump out of bed with a smile and a can-do attitude, which often irritates non-morning people. They do things like …→ Continue Reading

8 Things Louis CK Taught Us About Life

Why do people tend to shut up and listen when Louis CK talks? Three reasons seem to stand out: For …

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Social Media Detox: The One Health Craze Everyone Needs To Try At Least Once

People will go to all sorts of crazy lengths to try and lose weight, flush their bodies of toxins or …

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15 People You Don’t Want In Your Life Past 30

Your 20s are a hell of a time, although most of us probably wouldn’t choose to live them over again …

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73 Life Lessons We Can Learn From ‘Fight Club’

As arguably the most masculine writer since Ernest Hemmingway, Chuck Palahniuk has almost single-handedly made reading books cool again, at …

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New Study Claims Obesity Gene May Be The Cause Of Your Weight Problems

A new study published in the Journal Molecular Psychiatry may shine some light on why some adults have more trouble …

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