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White Police Officers In Texas Beat Black Woman Over Unpaid Traffic Ticket (Video)

In Jasper, Texas, a city where the first African-American police chief was fired last year and is now suing, another …

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Text Until You Drop—Recent Research Tells You How to Fall Asleep With Your Smartphone

These days, our busy technological lives may only end once we shut our eyes for the evening. From texting with …

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Do The Good People Of Salt Lake City Want Any Drugs? (Video)

Andrew Hales offers the people of Salt Lake City a variety of substances including “black-tar heroin,” crack cocaine, crystal meth, …

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Study Says Women Don’t Want To Be Friends With Sluts

As a woman, have you ever found yourself avoiding friendships with other women who have “slutty” reputations? According to a …

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Dollar Shave Club Launches Butt Wipes for Men

How would you feel about buying butt wipes from a man who said “Great things happen when your ass feels …

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Tongue Twat News Blooper (Video)

Ah, nothing like a local news blooper to brighten your day. Philadelphia TV reporter Sigourney McCleaf has a just won …

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New York’s Biggest Hotel Hilton Midtown Gets Rid of Room Service

Has room service become outdated in a city where delivery proves an all night option for hungry hotel guests? The …

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New Study Shows Benefits Of Sunscreen

Need a reason beyond common sense and research performed on hairless mice to confirm that sunscreen is good for your …

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