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40 Facts You Didn’t Know About Microsoft

Everyone knows Microsoft. Without the Redmond, Wash. company, the world of 2013 would be a different place. Windows dominates the …

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7 Strangely Motivational Quotes From Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla is, depending on your sense of humor, a podcasting comedic genius, or a crass, argumentative loudmouth. I happen …

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Seth Rogen Testifies Before US Congress About Alzheimer’s Disease (Video)

Bringing a little bit of comedic relief to the United States Congress, Seth Rogen voiced his support of Alzheimer’s research …

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29 Hilarious GIFs Of Animals Being Plain Old Jerks

We’re always telling each other that human’s are the most destructive species on the planet, ruining Earth for the rest …

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Cheaters Never Win

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s cheating. And obviously, I’m not talking about looking on your neighbor’s answers …

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The Walking Dead’s Guide To Marketing (Infographic)

AMC’s The Walking Dead is a fantastic show (especially since Lori died, just saying) that you should definitely be watching. “But …

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Netflix’s Fake Drones Mock Amazon Prime Air (Video)

Mocking a recent ad for Amazon Prime Air, Netflix Engineering Director, Paul Johnson uploaded a video to YouTube, advertising it’s …

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Ben & Jerry’s New Core Ice Cream Flavors Look Incredibly Delicious

A ubiquitous (and welcome) presence at the local deli, Ben & Jerry’s recently came out with four new “core” flavors. …

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