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Seniors Are Switching From Prescribed Medication To Marijuana (Video)

“Talk to almost anybody over 65-years-old and there’s a list of medications that they’re taking. And very often, the side-effects …

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30 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

If you’re looking to beef up your brain muscles, take notes from people who are already mentally strong. Do what …

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A Boy And His Dog: The Touching Story Of Haatchi And Owen (Video)

If you haven’t had your daily happy-cry yet, then here you go. ‘A Boy And His Dog’ explores the incredible …

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How To Succeed When You Suck At Everything

How many time have you heard some version of the following phrases? “Everyone has a special skill!“ “You just need …

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Hilarious Valentine’s Day Love Note Found In Elementary School

Many public schools have “Valentine’s Day Parties” on this special day where students exchange store-bought Valentines and overpriced “fun-sized” packages …

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This Olympic Skier Has A Serious Case Of The Munchies

This 18-year-old skier is living the dream. While most kids his age are stuck in high school or making their …

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These 13 Honest Flags Show Us What Some Of The World’s Biggest Countries Are All About (Photos)

Like a corporate logo, flags are a symbol that make countries internationally recognizable. Along the same lines as corporate doubletalk, …

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20 Ways To Tell Someone Is From Brooklyn

Wandering all through the streets of Manhattan each day, Brooklyn locals may escape detection by the naked eye. However, the …

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