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American Apparel Gives CEO The Boot, Stock Surges On The Announcement

Following an unceremonious ousting of American Apparel’s kooky and often controversial CEO, Dov Charney, Wednesday night, the popular lifestyle brand’s …

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Should The Washington Redskins Really Have To Change Their Name?

Dust has been kicked up once again over the Washington Redskins choice of team name. The franchise owner, Daniel Snyder …

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Meets ‘The Brady Bunch’ In This Hilarious Mashup Video You Didn’t Know You Wanted To See

The thing about big families is that they make great TV shows. All those personalities under one roof are bound …

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Humans On Mars by 2026? Elon Musk Thinks So

He’s already helping astronauts get to space in a state-of-the-art space taxi, and he’s revolutionized the way we look at …

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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon’s New Smartphone

Remember when Amazon was an online bookstore? Of course, now that people do most of their reading digitally, it was …

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The Vessyl Cup Knows What You’re Drinking And Will Help You Become Smarter About What You Put Into Your Body

There are plenty of calorie trackers and fitness apps to help you know more about what you’re eating and how …

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Kid Has Tooth Pulled With A Hot Wheels Car… And His Childhood Is Officially Scarred (Video)

Losing your baby teeth was the turning point of childhood, when adulthood seemed like it was just a newly grown …

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Scent Texting Becomes Real With iPhone App That Lets You Send Unique Aromas To Your Friends

People have learned to communicate through sight, sound and touch, but what if you could converse with someone through the …

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