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Three American Friends Hospitalized After Playing With Ouija Board, Show Signs Of ‘Possession’

It’s like a headline out of a horror movie. Three American friends were hospitalized after reportedly showing signs of “possession” …

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This Chart Shows The Average Wage For Almost Every Job In America

One guy just laid out the the truth for a lot of people: There’s a huge salary disparity in America. …

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31 Facts About McDonald’s You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

The world has known McDonald’s since 1940. Hate it or love, it’s become a household name around the world since …

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Horrific Anti-Speeding Ad Takes Road Safety Campaigns To A New Level Of Disturbing (Video)

In the latest of a series of hard-hitting road safety campaigns, Northern Ireland’s anti-speeding advert might be the most disturbing …

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8 Small Ways To Make Big Differences To Your Health

Not all of us are built—or evenly halfway motivated—to train for something like a marathon or triathlon, but that doesn’t …

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Baby Discovers Eyebrows For The First Time, And His Joy Is Absolutely Contagious (Video)

Isn’t it a shame that we can’t remember the pure, unadulterated joy we felt during the most normal moments as …

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This Cute And Cuddly Stuffed Bear Is Actually A Creepy Sex Toy

There are weird sex toys, and then there are WEIRD sex toys. A teddy bear that’s also your go-to pleasure …

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The Awkwardness Of Puberty Is Perfectly Captured By This Hilarious Tampon Ad (Video)

This hilarious ad takes that awkward time in every girl’s life and makes it into one great ad. HelloFlo has …

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