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Watching These Teens React To ‘Saved By The Bell’ Will Make You Feel Old (Video)

Remember the days when you’d get home from school, throw your heavy bookbag on the floor, and unwind by popping …

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Strangers Join Forces To Save A Man Stuck Under A Train In Australia (Video)

According to ABC Australia, an impressive and refreshing display of “people power” was used to free a man who got …

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This Little Kid ‘Apparently’ Knows How To Handle A Live TV Interview (Video)

5-year-old Noah Ritter stole the show during a recent live interview done by Pennsylvania’s WNEP at the Wayne County Fair. They …

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Former Colorado Prison May Be Converted Into Marijuana Shop

If you’re ever looking for a good example of irony, this is absolutely perfect. A building in Brush, Colo., that …

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Bo-Taoshi Is An Awesomely Dangerous Japanese Sport (Video)

Bo-taoshi (pole bring-down) is an extremely rugged sport played by cadets at Japan’s National Defense Academy. The game consists of …

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Study Finds Video Game Play Leads To Better Social Skills

A new Oxford University study suggests children who play video games for an hour or less per day are more …

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Baby Gets His First Taste Of Solid Food, And It’s Adorable (Video)

Watching this little guy get inducted into the world of grown up food will surely melt your heart. At first, …

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‘Escaped Prisoner Prank’ Will Have You Laughing Your Ass Off (Video)

The most recent addition to the FouseyTUBE archives might be the most involved and in depth yet. Yusef, aka Fousey, goes …

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