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Christie’s To Auction Most Expensive Rolex

Well-known auction house Christie's has always provided bidders with some of the most famous watches ever created. Much like the past, the popular auction house has once again provided buyers with a collection that ……Continue Reading

Rare 34-Carat Pink Diamond Sells At Christie’s For $39 Million

A gorgeous pink diamond—weighing more than 34 carats—that once belonged to Indian royalty recently sold at Christie’s at the record-breaking …

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Farhad Moshiri Crystal-Covered Bear Painting Sells For Almost $1 Million At Christie’s Middle Eastern Auction

Some self-portrait. Iranian contemporary artist Farhad Moshiri—who became the first Middle Eastern artist to sell a piece of artwork for …

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Black Diamond Marks World’s Most Expensive iPhone 5 At $15 Million

One Hong Kong businessman, referred to only as “Joe,” never has to worry about the home button wearing out on …

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Rare Chinese Bowl Found At Garage Sale Sells For $2.25 Million At Auction

It’s every garage-saler’s dream come true. You buy some old piece of pottery for three bucks, just because it looks …

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‘Royal’ Mattress An Investment In Sleep At $175,000

Have you gotten tired of sleeping on that mountain of cash in your bedroom? Cause we all know massive amounts …

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Doettling’s Fortress – World’s Most Secure Luxury Safe

Dubbed the Fortress, Doettling has designed the world’s safest luxury safe for those that need the ultimate protection for their …

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Vertu Ti Poised To Become The Ferrarri Of Smartphones

British luxury goods manufacturer Vertu has launched its first smartphone and it has something for everyone looking to carry an …

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Going to Vegas? Treat Yourself To A $5,000 Burger

Master Chef Hubert Keller, of the Mandalay Bay restaurant Fleur and Top Chef Masters, is the creator of the world’s …

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Black Ivory Competing With Kopi Luwak For Most Expensive Coffee Title

Many are already familiar with Kopi Luwak, as made famous in “The Bucket List” — coffee cherries consumed, partially digested, …

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The World’s Most Expensive Cocktail

Concocted by Australian bartender Joel Heffernan, the “Winston” may be the world’s most expensive drink ever made. The bartender plans …

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