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New Report Alleges Unemployment Numbers Manipulated Prior To 2012 Election

Last year Americans all across the country were amazed when the unemployment rates across the country took a dive from …

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MSNBC Host Says Sarah Palin Should Eat Feces, And Then Apologizes

MSNBC host Martin Bashir blasted Sarah Palin after she compared America’s deficit to slavery, and now Bashir is learning that …

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Kanye West Lectures At Harvard, Says Design Is The Key To A Utopian World

Rapper Kanye West recently gave a speech to architecture students at Harvard University’s Harvard Design School , and briefly discussed …

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Former Co-Operative Bank Chairman Caught Buying Cocaine

Paul Flowers was the chairman of Co-Operative Bank, one of the largest retail banks in the U.K., for nearly three …

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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been in the press a lot lately for his confession to smoking crack cocaine. He’s …

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Admits To Purchasing Illegal Drugs

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford just keeps on messing up. For the second time this week, he’s confessed to smoking crack …

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This Sign In A Hong Kong Preschool Is The Reason Why Their Children Are So Smart

There’s a reason why Asian countries produce the world’s smartest kids, and pretty much surpass the United States in every …

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ENDA Passes In The Senate – On To The House

It’s finally happened. ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, has finally passed in the Senate and will be sent on to …

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