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Market Turbulence As US Prepares For Possible Strike Against Syria

The world was shaken early Tuesday morning as Syria made headlines once again. Rumors have emerged, and some have speculated …

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This Man Used Homemade Bombs To Avoid Forced Demolition

When construction workers and 100 police overs tried to demolish his house. One Chinese man took matters into his own …

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Police In Camden, New Jersey Are Monitoring Every Move On The City’s Streets From The Sky

Camden, one of the most crime-ridden cities in the United States, is using technology as a means of cleaning up …

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Newark, New Jersey Named The Least Friendly City In The World

More than 46,000 people voted, and the results are in: Newark, New Jersey is the unfriendliest city in the  world. …

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The ‘Fake’ Cops Robbing Detroit Citizens Are Actually Real Cops

Detroit is going through tough times, with its recent bankruptcy and skepticism to cash in on its gloomy real estate …

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Some Inmates In California Can Now Pay For Better Rooms In Jail

It wasn’t that long ago that 30,000 California inmates went on a hunger strike to restructure their solitary confinement policy, …

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Coworkers Stop Roberry And Celebrate With Awkward Air Hug (Video)

First rule about Wing Zone is we don’t talk about Wing Zone. Unless somebody breaks in. Then you grab the …

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Don Lemon Under Fire For Telling Black People To Pick Up Their Pants

Don Lemon, CNN news anchor is under a lot of fire regarding recent comments on how to help the black …

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