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The World’s Thinnest Watch

They say a good watch is the mark of a gentleman, and while that’s true, an elegant watch is more …

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Man’s Bizarre Mercedes eBay Ad Features Plus-Sized Wife

Sometimes creativity is key to making your eBay auction stand out among the crowd and get the bidding started. That’s …

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Plus Pool: A Crowd Funded Way To Clean Up NYC’s River Water

If you’ve ever visited NYC, chances are you’ve seen the rivers, and you’ve probably heard at least one local complaining …

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Student Invents Fruit Bowl That Detects Spoilage

I’m picky when it comes to fruit. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but as soon as it starts …

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Disney Infinity: A Mish-Mash Of Genres

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is usually where you find the latest and greatest games from all your favorite franchises. …

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High School Business Club Receives $100,000 To Invest

Just as tens of millions of Americans play fantasy football each year, millions of students participate in the Stock Market …

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DuckDuckGo Search Traffic Skyrockets Following NSA, Prism Scandal

Is there anyone who hasn’t been taken aback by the ongoing Prism scandal? Who really wants the federal government watching …

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Look Stunning In all Your Pictures With Facetune App

No one’s face is perfect. Acne, wrinkles and other blemishes can get in the way of a beautiful portrait. Photoshop …

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